Virgin Islands Traveller

10 Virgin Islands reads

I love to read and I love the Virgin Islands. Here are 10 of my favorite Virgin Islands books.

Fungi, Quelbe, Scratch – the VI’s old-time music

I love the sweet, sassy, and infectious sound of this unique island music.

Fritz Henle photograph

The Way We Were: BVI culture in days gone by

Who has not entertained a fantasy of quitting your job and living the simple life on a quiet tropical island? Living in a house you built by hand, surviving off the bounty of sea and land, warmed by… Read More

Mocko Jumbie masks

Mokolution: The Evolution of the Moko Jumbie

Mocko jumbies are the colorful stilt-walkers who perform at parades and festivals throughout the Virgin Islands. Attend any of the islands’ annual carnival parades and you will see them, jumping, balancing and stepping out to the sounds of… Read More