Virgin Islands Traveller

I love to read and I love the Virgin Islands. Here are 10 of my favorite Virgin Islands books. Read More

There are hundreds of beaches in the Virgin Islands. There are small beaches and large beaches; pebbly beaches and fine-sand beaches; beaches with bars and restaurants and beaches with no human development at all. Some beaches have great snorkeling, others have great waves. Some are comfortable and easy, others awe-inspiring. Sometimes the best beach is the one closest to your hotel, but if you need more inspiration, check out these standouts.

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Today is the birthday of the impressionist master Camille Pissarro, who was born and spent his childhood on St. Thomas, then part of the Danish West Indies. Read More

The day could not have dawned with less promise. After the achingly beautiful weather of the past few days, the grey skies that greeted me at breakfast were doubly disappointing. From the patio of our hotel on the southern shore of Anegada, I could see storm clouds massing over the distant water. Read More