surprise tomatoes

May 21, 2011


I was driving down our driveway last night and to my astonishment I noticed a lovely looking tomato plant hanging picturesquely over the retaining wall. I have been trying without success to grow tomatoes for months — usually the plants just die, but once I grew one all the way to fruit stage and then they broke my heart by developing a raging case of blossom end rot (who knew?!)

Anyway, imagine my delight to find that nature — in the form of tiny tomato seeds washed down the kitchen drain and deposited in our soakaway — has done the work for me.

The fruits are still green, so I suppose that disaster could (and probably will) still strike. I’ll keep you posted.


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Susanna is a Tennessee native transplanted to the BVI, and the author of Moon Handbooks Virgin Islands.

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2 Comments on “surprise tomatoes”

  1. Blond Says:

    LOL. Have a little faith Susanna. Disaster will not happen.!!


    • Susanna Says:

      Thanks my friend. The update to this story is that after about 2 months of lots of tomatoes the plants petered out. Not sure if it was because I quit picking as religiously or if they got tired, but we had a good run!


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